Resort 24


    RESORT '24

    Luxe cottons and silks come together to create standout, iconic pieces in Poupette St Barth’s Resort 2024 Collection. The line offers a range of light and flowy, sun-kissed fabrics designed to flatter your figure. A selection of elegant and chic looks that are as recognisable as they are timeless, thanks to signature bright colours, bold prints and textured finishes that are at the centre of the brand’s unmistakable DNA. Poupette St Barth never fails to take your getaway wardrobe to new heights, with sophistication and elegance to boot.

    Discover our latest pieces

    Embrace a nomadic and sun-soaked style with Poupette St Barth's Resort 2024 collection:

    • Adha: A fluid and timeless piece, perfect for an elegant evening
    • Bel: Essential tailored trousers that combine elegance and grace
    • Estelle: A short, feminine, and versatile dress ideal for a day in the city
    • Azia: Our light and airy "second skin" blouse, made from viscose satin

    Effortless elegance

    With our latest summer outfits, coastal chic meets effortless elegance in a celebration of the joy of living. The bright shades of our prints evoke the warmth of the sun on the skin and the indigo waters of the ocean, for an ever-renewed escape.

    Lightweight fabrics

    All our fabrics are carefully chosen for their reduced environmental impact and lasting quality. Supple textures, airy cottons, and fluid silks bring softness to each garment, creating a unique sensory experience when worn.

    Distinctive details

    In this new collection, rediscover the essence of Poupette St Barth: delicate embroideries, light ruffles, feminine necklines... It's these ethnic and bohemian details that define the identity of La Maison Poupette.

    Unique patterns

    Pink Leo Forest, Blue Gauguin, White Lavender Nature: this season our nature-inspired prints come once more in the beguiling shades we are known for. Hand made in our workshops, our colourful fabrics dress each woman according to her mood of the moment.