Long Dresses



Our long dresses are handmade, and each design is characterised by the brand's signature details and patterns, for a timeless and elegant aesthetic. Worn at a special event or as a statement piece for any occasion, these dresses are breezy, chic, versatile and designed to make you stand out from the crowd. Bright colours and bold prints bring a refined beachwear style to your look.

Discover our long summer dresses

Among Poupette St Barth's must-haves, four of our iconic models:

  • Beth: a chic and sunny companion for long days at the beach
  • Adha: a seductive piece that subtly flirts with the kimono style
  • Denise: delicately highlights the back and shoulders
  • Anabelle: the ideal choice for glamorous and resolutely feminine looks.

A timeless journey

Our summer outfits for women are an ode to the sweetness of life. Timeless and iconic, our pieces are designed to be your daily essentials, from a stroll by the beach to a romantic rendez-vous. Pair with long earrings and high heels to transform your favourite beach dress into a sensational evening outfit...

Refined pieces with unique details

Handmade in our workshops in Bali, our creations are made paying close attention to detail. Each embroidery is hand sewn, adding beauty and refinement to our creations. Our designs are made to fit all body shapes, to reveal the beauty that every woman carries within herself.

Irresistibly charming tones

With a delicate exuberance, our patterns invite you to wander into reverie. Poupette's fabric prints are made using a traditional screen printing technique, giving each of our pieces its distinctive charm. Each outfit tells a story, through hours of craftsmanship and creation...

"I slip into my dress and the journey begins..."